Data Models

Data model used in each file. Updated 2018-04-22

apartments.csv - Apartments

Apartments information.

airbnb5992313d8a46554f807ad7da1,,-5.91950354030,37.43155486137,2017-08-14 16:01:05.442000,2018-04-09 07:41:46.173000,airbnb4618098,entire_home,0,6,12,4,114

id: Apartment Identifier in platform.
url: Url.
longitude: Longitude.
latitude: Latitude.
found: When it was found (first scraping).
revised: Last time it was revised (scraped).
host-id: Owner's Identifier in platform.
room_type: Apartment's type ('entire_apartment', 'shared_room'...).
bedrooms: Bedrooms.
capacity: Capacity (guests).
reviews: Reviews.
min_nights: Minimum stay (nights).
price: Price (EUR €).

geojson.json - Regions boundaries

File with GeoJSON structure used to calculate statistics and group apartments. See more details about GEOJSON format.

    "id": "5992313d8a46554f807ad7da",
    "type": "Feature",
    "properties": {
        "code": "5992313d8a46554f807ad7da",
        "name": "Sevilla",
        "adm_level": "adm4",
        "country": "Spain",
        "area": "140.25",
        "population": "46468102",
        "gdp": "1403000.01",
        "updated": "2017-12-08 14:35:09.575000",

        "homeaway_aptms": 1646,
        "housetrip_aptms": 556,
        "onlyapartments_aptms": 8,
        "airbnb_aptms": 4997,
        "parent": {
            "_id": "599230af8a46554edf884651",
            "name": "Sevilla",
            "level": "adm2"
        "nears": [
                "onlyapartments_aptms": 176,
                "name": "Sevilla",
                "homeaway_aptms": 1734,
                "housetrip_aptms": 556,
                "_id": "5992313d8a46554f807ad7da",
                "airbnb_aptms": 4997
        "children": [
                "onlyapartments_aptms": 4,
                "name": "Macarena",
                "homeaway_aptms": 33,
                "housetrip_aptms": 11,
                "_id": "59d812068a46550354a96236",
                "airbnb_aptms": 231
    "geometry": {
        "type": "Polygon",
        "coordinates": [
                [-5.819148063659668, 37.39037322998058],
                [-5.842652797698918, 37.387161254882756],
                [-5.819148063659668, 37.39037322998058]

id: Region identifier in datahippo.
type: GeoJSON feature type.
name: Local region's name.
adm_level: Administrative division level. More info
country: Country.
updated: Last update of the region data.
area: Area (km).
population: Population.
gdp: Gross domestic product.
parent: Region that contains this region.
nears: Nearby regions of the same administrative level.
children: Regions contained in this region.
platform_aptms: Platform apartments inside region boundaries.
geometry: Region boundaries.

Regions boundaries sources